Alex B.

Years on Team -


Which sub-teams do you work with? -

Scouting and business.

What is your favorite memory on the team? -

My favorite memory is New York alliance selection 2018. Those of you that know, you know.

What is your favorite part about working with this team? -

My favorite part of working with robotics is the ability to walk with students as they discover the great opportunities that they can find through FIRST. This is truly a one of a kind chnace to do something good for the future by doing something you love and that's fun along the way.

Why did you decide to mentor a robotics team?

I was on the team my junior and senior year, and it's been my biggest regret not joining it sooner. This is a fantastic program that introduces you to so many new and wonderful people; how could I give it up? You suddenly find yourself with a second family - your robot family. I wanted to continue to spread the joy to others on a robotics team and be able to change their lives as much as this has changed mine.

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