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Prospect Mountain High School Facilities

Welcome to PMHS!

Our school features a large cafeteria area for pits,
and a full sized gym for competition.


Pit assignment will be assigned by team number and each team will have one 8’ table and a power drop.  Please bring a power strip if you need multiple outlets.  The pits will be standard FIRST size, 10’x10’ (some will have minor obstructions).  

In an effort to spread teams out this year, the pit layout will be different than that of previous years.  Pits will be located in the halls around the gym, with some located in the gym.  Traffic flow will be one directional and should allow for smooth transition from queuing area to playing field and back to your team’s pit.

Load-In Information

*One 3x8' table and Electrical Power will be provided


*Pit map will be posted a couple of days before the event

Please Bring your Robot around to the back of the school upon arrival. The team members can enter through the main entrance in front.

Robot Flow
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